Tutus and Tea Parties: Unit Lesson Plan | Fall Apples

Monday, October 1, 2012

Unit Lesson Plan | Fall Apples

I'm finally back with Tot School! Are you excited?! We had such a great week learning all about apples. I'm also so happy to let you know there are some free printables for the lessons too! How cool is that? I didn't take photos of everything we did, but I am including my lesson guide (I'm not really calling it a plan since being with a 3 year old all day doesn't always go as planned and sometimes we have to skip a lesson or two). I think I also overdid it with this first week...planning too many activities. We got to most of them though. :) Here is my lesson plan.

You can print your own blank one here.


Proverbs 25:11  "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in baskets of silver."  We talked about how powerful our words are. They can hurt people, just like hitting, so we need to be super careful about what we say! We talked about some nice words (with some prompting from me) and wrote them on "gold" apples and glued them in a "silver" bowl.

::Language Arts::

ABC Letter Block Matching: Trace each block and write each letter in the squares for block matching.

Word Tracing: (click each image to download & place in a page protector. Use dry erase markers to practice tracing & writing over and over).


Apple Seed Counting: Cut out apples and write a number on each leaf. Use cut out seeds to count out that number onto the apples.

AB Apple Patterns: Bug is having trouble with patterns so we are working on AB patterns with one missing. I colored a row and left one uncolored. Then, for the row below, I traced each apple in a pattern for her to place apple cut outs on and fill in the missing one. Hopefully this helps her with her AB pattern making.

(Click here for the printable.)

Cooking with Apples: We made some apple butter! Yumm! There are tons of other great apple recipes to make with your little one. Make sure you have them to the pouring and talk about the measurements too.


Apple Decomposition: Start at the beginning of the week by cutting up a few apple slices and observing what happens to them after time.

Sink or Float: I have a free printable for this sheet too! I had Bug color in the water and glue on an apple for her prediction & what actually happened. She was so excited she was right! 

(Click here for the printable.)


Apple Stamping: I'm sure you all know what this is. Cut an apple in half, dip in paint and stamp on paper. Easy & fun!

Apples on Top Headband: Use the image as a guide to how I made the headband. The smaller strips were attached and taped to fit around her head. The large piece was what we used to glue on apples. She counted them out and made herself have 10 apples on top, just like in the book "10 Apples on Top" which we read right before this craft.


Sensory: Oatmeal, cinnamon & "apples": I'm not sure what these things are (they are small and I found them on a tree when we were out and about...so I picked a handful and stuffed them in my bag.) They were green (perfect) and I colored some red too. They looked like teeny tiny apples! I filled the sensory table with oatmeal (a large container was about $2...store name brand), added cinnamon and these "apples". It was fun! But pretended to pick them and put them in little pails and bowls. Her imagination is amazing!

Apple Countdown
Red are the Apples
Our Apple Tree
Apples on Top
Amelia Bedelia's First Apple Pie

I hope you all enjoy the free printables! After all this time blogging, I just started sharing printables...so please let me know if they aren't working for you! 
Feel free to show your apple activities by commenting with your link. :)


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  1. Great apple activities mom! We enjoyed a few fun Fall apple activities here too :) have a great week!

  2. Those are some great ideas! I really like the sink or float game... you could do so much with that!
    FYI - pumpkins float, haha. It's part of a varsity team ritual I was part of.

  3. Looks like fun! Stopping by from HHP! :)

  4. What great ideas, I love fun learning activities! Thanks so much for sharing on the We Made That Linky!

  5. Congrats! Your post was picked to be featured today in Homeschooling on the Cheap! We love your lessons and all the apple ideas- totally ROCKS! Stop over and see your feature. We will pin your post later today to Pinterest.

    Our new linky is up and running! Stop in and link up more of your ideas! You can link up older post, too! No limit!

    Have a super day!

  6. How fun!!! Lauren, you ALWAYS have awesome and fun tot school activities!!! You rock!

  7. Absolutely adorable!! Love, love, LOVE! You have been featured (and pinned!) http://3boysandadog.com/2013/08/a-is-for-apple-6-educational-activities-for-kids/


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