Tutus and Tea Parties: Mason Jar Holiday Centerpiece {Guest Post}

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mason Jar Holiday Centerpiece {Guest Post}

Hey everybody, Steph from Crafting in the Rain here, and I'll admit that I'm generally not a centerpiece type of person.  We're lucky if the table just has food on it!  (Not that we don't have food, I'm just not great at cooking it!)  But for special occasions, I like to at least dress things up a little bit.  And this centerpiece I'm showing you today couldn't be easier.  

You will need: MALMA mirror/frame from IKEA  Paint--2 colors.  One for base, one for top, and a brush, Glass jar, Burlap, Twine & Fake berries or other decorative "pick". 

Optional: Epsom salt and candle  

Step 1:  Paint the frame. (Tape off the mirror edges so you don't get paint on it.  If a little gets on the mirror, you can scrape it off when it's dry though)  Start with your base color and let it dry. I had already painted this one brown a long time ago.  Then paint with your top color.  It will take a few coats if your top color is lighter than the base, like mine. 

Step 2:  Sand the edges.  Lightly sand off the top coat of paint along the edges to distress it.
Step 3:  Assemble the jar.  Cut a strip of burlap that will fit around the jar, overlapping slightly.  Secure with the twine.  Tuck in the berries and pour about a cup of Epsom salt in the jar.  Add candle and place the jar on top of the mirror.  And you're done!
What do you think?  Since my table is a rectangle, I'm thinking I'll put 3 of these down the center when we have our Christmas dinner.   If you're looking for more Christmas ideas, come check out how to make a poinsettia pillow and candy cane brownie pops.  

Thanks again for having me Lauren!


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  2. This is really pretty ~ and simple!
    I love simple!


  3. I love how rustic and simple these are!

  4. Very pretty. I love most anything with burlap!

  5. What a simple, but elegant idea. Beautiful!


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