Tutus and Tea Parties: Fine Motor Skill Building | Water Dropper Practice

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fine Motor Skill Building | Water Dropper Practice

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Motor skills are so important to work on with your little ones. Fine motor practice helps them prepare for writing skills that they will begin in school.

Water Dropper Fine Motor Practice Materials:

Water (optional: color it with food coloring) 
Suction Bath Mat Sections (We got ours at the Dollar Tree, but here are some I found on Amazon that would work just as great.)
Eye or Medicine Dropper
Paper Towel or Cloth 

 Here is our set up:

Using the eye dropper, your child can suction the water, then carefully drop the right amount to fill each suction of the bath mat section.

This activity works on your child's fine motor skills, control and pincer grip which will be essential for writing skills.


This is one of Bug's favorite tray activities to do! I usually give her a cloth or paper towel to dry up the suctions so she can do it over and over.


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  1. This is a great idea! I've been doing tons of Montessori research and the trays are so easy to replicate at home instead of buying. Have you found a good place to buy small pitchers?

    1. Sara, I use regular creamers I got from thrift stores or on clearance at other stores. There is a great site for affordable Montessori materials here: http://bit.ly/V6bMYl

  2. Love this idea! It doesn't require any item I can't easily access and it looks like fun.

  3. Hi, can i know where to get the suction pad??? I live in Singapore but it seems to be hard to find such cute suction pad. Thanks.

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  5. that suction cup bath grip is brilliant!!!! i love how you took a great activity and made it relevant for the upcoming holiday! i'll be featuring in my "think pink" features for this week's kids co-op at crayon freckles!

  6. What a great activity, love the suction cup bath mat!!

  7. The link to the suction cup mat takes you to a totally different product on amazon. Can you update the link? The link currently takes you to buy munchkin grippy dots, which is not what is shown in your post. Thanks.

    1. So sorry Gina. We got ours at our local dollar store, but I linked to a similar product on Amazon that would work just as well if you can't find any in your area. :)

  8. Terrific idea! Thanks for sharing on the Kids Co-Op, which I host on my site along with other bloggers. I'm pinning this one :-)

    Jennifer @ Generation iKid


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