Tutus and Tea Parties: Magazine Cut Out Funny Faces | Fun Activity for Kids

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Magazine Cut Out Funny Faces | Fun Activity for Kids

I couldn't help hysterical laughing at these funny faces we made from magazine cut outs. What fun!

Go grab some magazines, scissors, a photo and get ready to have a good laugh.

We have a large photo of me and the three kids on a canvas from SnapBox that we used so we were sure to find large photos of faces in the magazines. We cut out eyes, noses and mouths. We even found a pig nose and silly sunglasses to cut out. It's free, it's eco-friendly and it's free!

You can laminate the magazine cut outs if you wish. It would even be fun to glue magnet pieces (just use those rectangle ones you get from businesses that you don't use) and have some fun on the fridge making faces on different photos or even just on their own!

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  1. That is such a cool idea. It's just like a puzzle but with more creative freedom. Oh my girls would get a kick out of this!. Thanks so much for sharing at Mom's Library.


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