Tutus and Tea Parties: Drip Painting Art with Straws

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Drip Painting Art with Straws

We love using all kinds of techniques for painting. Here's a fun one we used with paint & straws!

-Paint (watered down so it's runny)
-Straws (cut into short pieces)
-Heavy paper such as card stock

In a container, mix your paint & water so it is a slightly runny consistency. Set out a straw in each container for painting. (Please make sure your children know NOT to drink or put these straws in their mouth. If your child is too young to understand this, hold off on this project until they are older.)
Show your child how to "catch" the paint by dipping the straw in the paint and closing the top with their finger.
Show your child that lifting their finger will release the paint and make it drip from the straw.
Have them continue this process, filling the paper with drips of paint.

Doesn't that look super cool? We loved this activity and it is so good for fine motor practice!

Here are some other fun art activities we have done:

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  1. This is a cute little project! Have never seen this before. Thank you for sharing!
    Stopping by from "Sharing Saturday Link Up". Following you on G+ and Facebook.
    Have a great weekend :)
    Bismah @

    1. Thank you so much Bismah. Following your social media outlets as well! Love making new bloggy friends. :)

  2. My son also doing as these paints. He is enjoying with this paints.

  3. Painting does wonders for me. In college, painting with my flatmates got me into modern art and doing abstract paintings. I am so happy to have picked up painting that i encourage my family to paint in family gatherings.

  4. what a cool ideas to use the straws!!! Added fine motor development and a science lesson and no need to buy the droppers like we did!!! So clever!

    1. Thanks Kate. My daughter did it for a while & she was so zoned in on it.

  5. This is a very cool idea! Thank you for sharing at the pinning party!!

  6. What a great idea for building fine motor skills! I love this! I featured this post on my Kids Co-Op Round Up today! http://sowsproutplay.com/activities/colorful-activities-crafts-weekly-kids-co-op/

  7. Great idea! Please come and link up at Pinning for .... oh hang on.... never mind! :-)

  8. Great idea! I've been waiting to do this with eye droppers but now I can just try it with straws instead :)

  9. Fabulous idea! Have pinned, and will give it a go :)

  10. Great idea to use a straw!


  11. This looks like so much fun! I think my 6 year old would love it!


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