Tutus and Tea Parties: Halloween Art Project | Glitter Spider Web Craft

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Art Project | Glitter Spider Web Craft

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It's almost Halloween and we are still making lots of crafts & decorations. Here's a quick & easy spider craft you can make. (I advise you do it outside if possible. You know how messy glitter can be with little ones.)

-Glitter (you can even use Glow Glitter if you want some glow in the dark fun.)
-Construction Paper

Have your child drip some glue all around their color choice of construction paper.
Sprinkle glitter all over the glue. (You may want to do this outside.)
Trace your child's hand on some black construction paper. Fold it in half and cut as shown.

Cut off the thumbs.

Place the hand print spider on top of the glue web & add eyes.
Let it dry while you clean up loads of glitter! (Unless you listened and went outside.)

Cute, huh? We love it. Happy Halloween!

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  1. Sparkly and friendly, just the kinds of spiders I like! Thank you for linking up to Mom's Library, Ill be featuring you this week at Crystal's Tiny Treasures :-)

  2. This is so fun Lauren. We love glitter! Thank you for sharing at Crayon Box Chronicles. Pinned!

  3. Adore this Lauren! Simple, fun, and I love the bright color popping through the glitter! Thank you for sharing on our page.


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