Tutus and Tea Parties: Halloween Art Project | Glow in the Dark Yarn & Glue Glitter Spider Web Craft

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Art Project | Glow in the Dark Yarn & Glue Glitter Spider Web Craft

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What better way to celebrate Halloween than with Glow Glitter! We loved this art project and the fun continues when the lights go out and we have a glow in the dark web on display!

Glue (& water)
Glow Glitter
Construction Paper or Card Stock
Cardboard (from a cereal box) if using construction paper.

I didn't have any card stock so I used a glue stick to glue construction paper to a cereal box I cut the same size.

I mixed glue & water in a container, then cut up some different size pieces of yarn.

I set up the glue, yarn, paper & glitter on a table. My daughter doesn't like to get messy with art so much (yet she'll dig in dirt to find a worm - go figure), so I set out a wet wash cloth for her to wipe her hands on since I knew they would get sticky from the glue.

Dip a piece of yarn & make sure it is covered in the glue mixture.

Dip the wet yarn in the glow glitter.

Gently press the yarn onto the paper. Continue to place yarn pieces to form a web.

My daughter made these star looking webs, so we glued circles around and sprinkled with glitter to make them more web like.

When the glue was dry (which took a full day or so) I hot glued on the spiders. (I had previously used spray glue and glow glitter to make the spiders glow in the dark too).

We loved how they came out!

I tried to get a good shot of them glowing, but I couldn't capture it as well as it really looked all glowy!

My daughter loves having this picture in her room and looking at it glow at bed time.

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  1. Last night I show this to my little son and now he is trying to make it from his own..


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