Marketing automation for kids’ party

You have an upcoming kids party and need children to participate, where and how will you get the children to attend the party? Children love parties and the activities associated with it. Traditionally invitation cards, audio and print media would be the best platform to advertise the event. Software developers have designed various marketing automation tools in line with the digital technology to upgrade the technique of marketing. Yes, we are targeting kids, but they are under the control of their parents, so the marketing automation tools target the adult population to accompany the kids.

Relevant features in marketing automation

Lead scoring

 In marketing, you need to reach a wider audience for you to have some percentage that turns to leads, Using the marketing automation, you are able to learn the marketing strategies using various tools on the platform and track every action each and every subscriber who receives an email takes. All actions reach your desk as a notification for your quick counter reaction. They leads are classified and put in a group segment for future Email campaigns.

 Customized Email campaigns

 Not every subscriber in our database will benefit from Email campaigns for the kids’ party. Once the marketing software has classified subscribers, you are able to send tailored Email campaigns announcing all the details about the kids’ party. The toolkit has up to date security checks which minimal filtering to the spam folder. With the right title and graphical presentation, 60 % of the Email receivers will take action for you to think on the next course of action and send reminders some weeks before the date of the party.

 Customer Relationship Management

 Marketing automation allows a company to have a close and personal relationship with its customers. The communication tool makes good use of the Email service to offer prompt reminders and messaging service. Kids’ party organizers can still take advantage of the advanced settings to communicate to the target market (parents) for the upcoming event and future functions.

 Lead generation

 Where will you get Email addresses for your database? Worry no more when you have a marketing automation kit. You do not need to worry about knowing the automation rules.  The software has a newsletter feature where you entice visitors to your website as a popup notification. Once you get the Email, it is classified based on the page they have read on your website for future communication. Obviously, you are a kids’ website for you to plan and organize a children’s’ party. These leads are your starting point to communication and building of your membership.

 Lead nurturing

 Yes, you have your leads, how do you make them stay instead of switching off alerts and Email notifications? In business, you do not just sell the product and service; you sell benefits and you will see the sales funnels vs other features. Naturally, people love educational content, provide relevant content to your customers, they will feel valued and appreciated.

 When you are organizing a kids’ party and want to increase the numbers of kids in the function; invest in a marketing automation toolkit inbuilt in your site. The automated features will limit your hassle in categorization, notification and reminder Emails.

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