Shower Head Needs To Children’s Party For Washing Hands

When you throw your kid a party, there are a million things to think about: the themed decorations, the designs on the paper plates, the cake, the activities.

It can be easy to overlook something as simple as where the kids go to wash your hands, but that doesn’t mean that you should.
Keeping Your Kids Clean in a Fun Way
Here’s the thing about kids—the less fun something is, the harder it will be to convince them to do it. This can go for eating vegetables, going on a trip to the supermarket, or even making that vital dentist appointment. Thinking up a way to make a boring doctor’s visit feel like going to Disneyland isn’t easy. It may be the hardest thing about parenting.
The same goes for taking showers and washing hands before meals. Kids have a strange aversion to water until they’re actually under it, where they usually end up happy as clams.
This aversion to cleaning up can be a problem when you throw a party in which lots of children will attend. Kids’ hands will inevitably get sticky, so to save your safety deposit, you’ll want to get them washed ASAP.
Keeping the children’s hands clean can help minimize the spread of germs and disease. One thing to be careful about when gathering a lot of children in one small space is that bacteria and germs can spread incredibly easily, often resulting in widespread cold epidemics or other diseases. Consistent hand-washing can help to minimize the risk of this happening.
But how to get the kids to ditch the party activities and wash their hands? Simple: make it fun. Here’s where shower heads come in. Can you picture a child who’s excited to wash their hands? No? That may be because you’re using the wrong kind of shower head.
Shower Heads for Kids
It’s easy to find shower heads that will help the kids enjoy the wash-up process. The best shower heads ( are cute, fun to work, and keep the process as short as possible.
One feature to look out for is a shower head that’s lower to the bottom of the sink. This minimizes backsplash which may make the experience a negative one for the kids. You’ll also want a gentler spray that won’t hurt the children’s hands.
Animal-Themed Shower Heads
Having a bright shower head with an unusual shape is a great option for kids. A product like The Rinse Ace “My Own Shower” showerhead, for example, which comes in different animal designs, can turn washing up into a fun party game. Any product involving animals will be a guaranteed hit at any children’s party.
Another great product is the Oxygenics Minnie Mouse Combo Shower Head. Use this shower head to save on your consumption of water, not just to spark the imagination of the kids. It also offers excellent flexibility with the option to switch back and forth between regular spray and a child-geared, softer spray.
Get a Shower Head With a Filter
Don’t want your kid to drink tap water? It’s harder than you think: some kids will ingest just about anything only for the fun of it.
You ever don’t plan for your sink to end up full of kids who decided to drink from the tap like a litter of puppies. It’s just something that sometimes happens at children’s parties. Install a water filter, just in case.