Ping Pong Party Game for Kids

It is party time, why don’t you involve the kids in sports? That is a concern of a parent who values playtime for the kids because of physical fitness. Ping Pong is one such game that can be incorporated in a party. Why play Ping Pong? There are many advantages Ping Pong has over other games as a sport for a party they include

  • The rules are simple to follow
  • You only need at least two children to play
  • You can play indoors without exposing the kids to harsh weather conditions
  • Ping Pong kits are light in weight and portable to the venue
  • It enhances cognitive development.

Here you are you have decided to involve Ping Pong as the sport of choice for the party. What are some of the dos and don’t’s to ensure the event is successful?


Do not be very strict

Remember you are playing for fun, as long as a child can take the ball back to the opponent. Let the game continue, if you start following the rules it will not be fun.


Play for a shorter time

Kids have a short concentration span and they get tired very fast. Do not engage them in playing for long periods. Make them short but more plays.


Award a winner

Who hates rewards, when the kids play and realize there is a reward for it; they will try their best to win for the sake of the reward. Positive reinforcement encourages kids to always be their best; at the same time, build their self-esteem and confidence. It could be the beginning of a future talented table tennis player.


Mix gender

Allow positive competition and social interaction. Have a girl playing against a boy, girls against girls and boys against girls. Because of the stamina associated with boys, they will automatically win, these make kids to value different anatomies of gender and appreciate nature.


Lower the table to suit their height

Kids cannot play with the standard tables because of their varied heights. Have an adjustable table to suit different heights and ages. This will also allow the small children to enjoy the game in the party.


Incorporate other activities

The poor concentration span of children can make the party boring if it is the only game and activity in the party. Remember, not every child will be interested in Ping Pong. Involve other activities, and let the children rotate and ensure they are all involved in all activities of the day. Check out if you want to include robots that kids can play with.


Monitor the game

Ensure the kids are under constant watch of an adult, out of anger, some may decide to take the ball or butt and throw it at their friends leading to serious injuries. Although adults accompany most kids during the parties; avoid separate activities for adults, it will prompt them to leave the children to play on their own, which might be dangerous. If you have to do that, have adults specifically working with the kids.


Ping Pong is a brain game ideal for the cognitive development of the children. Let them enjoy even as beginners and allow the expert to exercise leadership skills by showing the rest of the kids some rules of the game.