Most Recommended Kid’s Party Ideas

Themed birthday parties are always the best. It’s more than just a celebration, it is a day filled with fun activities, delicious food, and party favors. But what makes an unforgettable birthday party? Here are some of the most recommended party themes for your little boy or girl.

  1. Unicorn
    A unicorn is a mythical creature which symbolizes purity, feminine, and magic. It is often characterized as a winged-white horse with a spiraled horn from its forehead.

    An animated series called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic brought back the unicorn trend in 2010. It stars a unicorn named Twilight Sparkle as she learns the value of friendship in Ponyville.

    Having a unicorn themed party for girls is a dream come true. Imagine a rainbow-colored birthday cake, cupcakes with sugar cones (as horns) in buttercream frosting, and to top it off, edible luster dust as fairy dust. Complete the look by creating DIY unicorn headbands for your guests.

  2. Lego
    Lego has been around for ages. They’ve been manufacturing plastic toy bricks since 1949. Over the years, Lego has been releasing themed sets which is why this is among the most recommended for birthday parties for boys. The most recent is the Lego Ninjago. With the most recent movie released in 2017, no wonder Lego Ninjago is going to be an epic theme for your boy’s birthday party.
  3. Princess
    If your little girl just can’t get enough of bedtime stories about princesses, having a princess-themed party is an excellent choice. Have her friends play dress up as their favorite princess characters like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and others. Serve royal-themed treats like pink beverages, tea sandwiches, and royal treats like macarons with pastel colors. Keep your guests occupied with activities like making floral crowns, nail art, and snow globes.
  4. Ping-pong
    Make your birthday boy feel like a ping pong world champion with a table tennis inspired birthday party. Personalized party favors like team shirts, sweatbands, and ping-pong paddles can be made for guests. Treat your guests with delicious goodies like cake pops, popsicles, and chicken balls with mozzarella.
  5. Underwater
    Aside from being a princess, every little girl dreams of becoming a mermaid. Make that dream come true with an underwater-themed birthday party. Prepare jellyfish Oreo balls, octopus cupcakes, and gummy candies shaped like sharks, fish, and seashells. Have a stunning birthday cake look like an underwater castle from the Atlantis. Ask your guests to dress up like mermaids. Decorate using fish-shaped balloons or jellyfish lanterns. The best venue for this party is near the pool.
  6. Superhero
    Batman or Superman, Wonder Woman or Supergirl, chances are, having a superhero themed birthday party can make any kid jump with excitement. Get creative and make superhero capes, disguises, wristbands, and swords. For your party favors, have each kid bring home a comic book, a superhero tumbler, or sweet treats like pop rock kryptonite candies, and chocolate-dipped marshmallows that look like the Hulk.
  7. Jurassic World
    The latest franchise of the Jurassic World movie was released this year, ‘cause we just can’t get enough of dinosaurs. A dinosaur lover can indulge in an Indominus Rex cake, with fun activities like face painting, balloon twisting, and an animal show.

The Joy in a Kids’ Party


The joy of a kids party lies in the hands of the organizers- parents. Children love plays and something that keeps them busy, with the fact that they also have a low concentration span you must involve a lot of activities which will keep them busy and make the event memorable.

In most cases, adults always accompany the children and even end up having fun than even the children. This is something that you must avoid. Some of the tips for this are answered in the following questions?

What is the age of the kids?
The age of the kids is something that you must consider in planning the various activities of the kid’s party. If you have a diverse age, then you must have varied activities which will accommodate both the young and the older kids. Safety of the kids is something that is paramount. If you choose ta play games for the young ones, they must have a constant care lest they get accidents when playing.

If it is an indoor even then have computer games which allow competition so that they are able to have fun. If possible, motivate them using gifts to make the event even more memorable. Whatever the activity you chose make sure that all the kids are involved so that they d not bury their heads in smartphones in a way to kill boredom.

What is the purpose of the kid’s party?
When sending invitations to ensure that people know exactly what is the purpose of the party. This comes in handy to help in knowing the correct attire and what to expect. Have you gone to a party and all of a sudden you get surprised by what the whole thing is all about?

You will even find that some of your guests will even have a better idea of making the event memorable.

How can you make the party unique?
The only way to make a kids party enjoyable is by allowing you organize to make the event unique. Just think of the kid’s party that you have attended and some of the things that you never liked in the event. This will be your guiding principle of what to expect. In some cases, you can even use the little resources within your home. Why not engage the adults and kids in the play during the party just to keep everyone involved?

Where will you hold the party?
The venue of the party is also s a determining factor of what to expect when it comes to dealing with a kids party. An outdoor venue had more activities than an indoor party. The physical activity makes the children concentrate more and have fun.

It is a kids party, in as much as you want to consider the adults, you must ensure the comfort of the children is a priority. It is a time for them to learn various skills, as well as enhance their cognitive development. Choose activities which enhance their overall growth, The more the activities the better the game.

Ping Pong Party Game for Kids

It is party time, why don’t you involve the kids in sports? That is a concern of a parent who values playtime for the kids because of physical fitness. Ping Pong is one such game that can be incorporated in a party. Why play Ping Pong? There are many advantages Ping Pong has over other games as a sport for a party they include

  • The rules are simple to follow
  • You only need at least two children to play
  • You can play indoors without exposing the kids to harsh weather conditions
  • Ping Pong kits are light in weight and portable to the venue
  • It enhances cognitive development.

Here you are you have decided to involve Ping Pong as the sport of choice for the party. What are some of the dos and don’t’s to ensure the event is successful?


Do not be very strict

Remember you are playing for fun, as long as a child can take the ball back to the opponent. Let the game continue, if you start following the rules it will not be fun.


Play for a shorter time

Kids have a short concentration span and they get tired very fast. Do not engage them in playing for long periods. Make them short but more plays.


Award a winner

Who hates rewards, when the kids play and realize there is a reward for it; they will try their best to win for the sake of the reward. Positive reinforcement encourages kids to always be their best; at the same time, build their self-esteem and confidence. It could be the beginning of a future talented table tennis player.


Mix gender

Allow positive competition and social interaction. Have a girl playing against a boy, girls against girls and boys against girls. Because of the stamina associated with boys, they will automatically win, these make kids to value different anatomies of gender and appreciate nature.


Lower the table to suit their height

Kids cannot play with the standard tables because of their varied heights. Have an adjustable table to suit different heights and ages. This will also allow the small children to enjoy the game in the party.


Incorporate other activities

The poor concentration span of children can make the party boring if it is the only game and activity in the party. Remember, not every child will be interested in Ping Pong. Involve other activities, and let the children rotate and ensure they are all involved in all activities of the day. Check out if you want to include robots that kids can play with.


Monitor the game

Ensure the kids are under constant watch of an adult, out of anger, some may decide to take the ball or butt and throw it at their friends leading to serious injuries. Although adults accompany most kids during the parties; avoid separate activities for adults, it will prompt them to leave the children to play on their own, which might be dangerous. If you have to do that, have adults specifically working with the kids.


Ping Pong is a brain game ideal for the cognitive development of the children. Let them enjoy even as beginners and allow the expert to exercise leadership skills by showing the rest of the kids some rules of the game.


Home Tools for Use in a Children’s Party

Who said you must have a huge capital to host a children’s party for it to be enjoyable and entertaining? The external goods and gadgets we buy for a children’s party just adds comfort, otherwise, you can use available home tools and still entertain the children until they demand more activities. Look around your home and think of some of the tools that are safe for children to involve in their party. Better still, you can gather some of the toys, finished cans, and some kitchen equipment you no longer use, tailor them with beautiful colors for that upcoming children’s party.

You just require a little creativity and make some nice stuff that children can enjoy. Check this Let the children’s party be active, interactive with various physical activities for maximum benefit. Take caution and ensure they are under close monitoring to avoid any injuries or accidents. You can use a simple slow squeezing technology for children’s juices.  Children love to explore, why not you use the kids when they come for the party to do some outdoor activities to teach them the value of responsibility and instill hard work in their minds? Some of the home tools for this purpose include:


Watering Cans

Let the kids take turns to fetch water and water the flowers and your vegetable garden. To have fun while doing this, explain each stage based on their ages and their education level such that you have a learning session outside the classroom set up. Allow the elder ones to use shears to cut while you monitor and show them the best way to hold and trim grass, flowers, and bushes. In amazement, you will be surprised by the fun they will have after the watering flowers session.


Electric Unit

Electricity is dangerous for children, at the same time simple tests and measurements for appliances powered by a battery can offer the best solutions. Take wires and batteries and let them make a simple circuit to light a bulb. Tailor the session and explain the current flow in relation to electricity. It will be party time/science lesson. Allow every child of age to have a bulb and make his own complete circuits. This can be a basis of a child making a toy car with a lighting system.


Woodwork Toolbox

Allow the children to explore their childhood intrigues through woodwork projects. They can do simple cutting and planning under your watch, in areas where it may be a cause of danger, handle the cuttings but let them use wood glue to join or smoothen the wood surfaces with sand paper. Explain the purpose of every tool. What a good way for children to learn and have fun at the same time.


Building Blocks

Children of low ages who cannot use the above tools can work on building blocks for their cognitive development and enhance their reasoning and thinking capacity through developing houses, cars and other toys from the blocks.


Using home tools for children’s party will be an educative and interactive time for them. It will help them increase their knowledge base and instill a sense of responsibility from an early age.